Subject detection

New user here, using Photo AI as a plugin filter for Photoshop on Mac.
Is there a way disabling subject detection and setting the whole image for processing? It seems a bit tedious when only some very small feature is detected (no idea why), then I need to click on “refine”, then on “landscape” (which may leave out the sky). I rather would skip the subject detection alltogether and do necessary masking if and when I need it in Photoshop.

Sometimes when changing the settings I get no updated preview in the preview pane, it just shows the original (though claiming to show the updated version). Have to switch to single screen / slider view befor the updated preview is showing.

I also was under the delusion that if I buy Photo AI I could use Denoise and Sharpen as separate plug-ins (don’t think that I will ever need the scaling tool). Seems I was wrong.
For the new user it seems that Photo AI is just the bundle of the three separate programs - alas, it’s not.

You can indeed turn off subject detection. Click on the gear icon next to Autopilot and it brings up a dialogue box where you can modify settings to your own requirements.
I agree that TPAI does not yet have the functionality of the individual programmes. In my view, since we are essentially all of us beta testers for this product, Topaz should be offering the others free to new users as part of a package. If you think that should be the case, why not start a thread to that effect in the Ideas forum? I myself pre-own the others, but will have to decide later this year whether to renew licences when they expire. They are not getting updated frequently, unlike TPAI.

Thanks Ray, found the setting to modify settings. Guess I will get used to the Photo AI GUI. I would welcome being able to use the Denoise and Sharpen separately. As I understand they are different in what they do from the Photo AI parts.
Yes, it‘s a shame that it is a banana product (ripens at the customers), but it is quite good for many images as it is.