Subject Brush doesn't change with []

Windows 11 Pro, Photo AI V2

Since installing Photo AI V2 I’ve noticed when modifying the subject I’m unable to change the brush size with the “[” and “]” keys. I’m pretty sure I WAS able to do this with 1.5.X, and it’s one of those niggling, incredibly annoying things that I keep trying to do, automatically.

In the preferences it still LOOKS LIKE those keys should work for increasing and decreasing the brush size, but…

Is there something else I’m missing that can be causing this?

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Does this mean nobody else on Windows is seeing this with V2 of Photo AI?

That’s weird, I’ll chat with our developers about this. Thanks for sharing.

Just to be sure I’m not missing something obvious, I just updated the laptop to V2. Same thing. So neither the desktop running Windows 11 Pro nor the laptop running Windows 11 Pro will change the size of the brush using the “[” or “]” keys…

And since I’m used to using these constantly in Adobe tools, it’s really annoying! Is there a way, in the Preferences to CHANGE the keys assigned? Or something bizarre I’m missing?

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I chat with our developers about this and they’re currently implementing a solution.

Also the same on Mac

If true across both platforms this really sucks…

Is there a way to set a default size for the brush that’s persistent across runs? And maybe the feathering too…

This bug has been fixed and should no longer be a problem once you update this Thursday.

I just refound this topic… I put a new topic in the forum 'cause it appears to be broken again - OR I’m doing something wrong and just missing it.