Subject (birds for me) changing shape after denoise and sharpening!

Is anyone else experiencing subjects actually slightly changing shape after running denoise and sharpening with Photo AI ? I mostly edit wildlife and it seems to actually change the shape of the subjects! I’ve noticed it when quickly swiping the before/after slider across the subject >.<

@neffarus-699307 Please upload the original photo so I can run some tests on my end.

A screenshot of the before and after would be useful as well!

I don’t think a screenshot will help much. I have to quickly swipe the before/after slider across the subject to see the problem. I have no idea if it would do the same on your end or not. I can attach the original file but again, I’m not sure it’s going to occur on your end.

It’s been happening with lots of images. It appears to slightly skew the subjects after running denoise and sharpen.

Great picture!

I was unable to reproduce the conflict though. Please upload your system profile following the instructions on this page: System Requirements | Topaz Photo AI

I suspect there might be a hardware conflict.