Stumped by Topaz video from the get go!

Sorry I don’t usually regard myself as dumb when it comes to software but Topaz Video has me completely stumped from the start. The interface defies any logic I am capable of.

  1. Where has the sound gone?
  2. Queued it says? What queue? How do you get the queue moving? When previewing it continues to say queued?
  3. My video has gone unusably dark in the preview window, like at least 3/4 stops darker on any setting! Where are the exposure controls?
  4. I obviously need a beginners guide from basics. Is there such a thing?
    Sorry but that is my experience.
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There is no sound playback in the Video AI app.

Can you post a screenshot of the queue you are referring to?

The preview window goes darker until the preview processing is complete.

There is a docs page with information on the filters and workflows. Quick Start | Topaz Video AI

Thanks Kyle, so when Topaz exports the video is it stripped of the original sound?
Is there any progress indicator of the preview? I wasn’t seeing any?
In fact I had a hard time making anything appear to happen, the user interface of Topaz video for me is about the most puzzling and obtuse I’ve ever come across?

No, not unless you select ‘none’ as the audio export option. There is just no audio within the application when previewing etc.

There should be audio with the export if you select copy or convert in the Audio Mode.

The dark purple bar on the timeline will turn a brighter shade of purple as the preview progresses its render.

If you are seeing the Queued overlay that is due to the app still running another video preview from a different input. Once it finishes the first preview or process it will go to the next one in the queue.