any idea when there will be an upgrade to Studio2 for the Apple M1 chip, ie Gigapixel AI, Denoise AI, Sharpen AI so one could use it within Photoshop as a plug-in? It seem to be the forgotten program as it’s not even in the bundle.

Go to support on the main website and read the announcement or raise a support request, no one here knows as it is a user to user forum.

thanks, thought maybe another user might have asked already and had some info…

Note also I believe Apple M1 Native Photoshop has no plugin support. Check on the Adobe forums to see if there is a solution.

actually, Topaz DeNoise, and Topaz Sharpen, were just updated to support Apple M1 Native Photoshop. Other manufacturers according to them were surprised by Adobe’s latest upgrade to the Apple M1 chip and trying to catch up.