Studio Work off the Grid?

“As photographers, we know sometime your work takes you off the beaten path. Use Topaz Studio while you’re on the move. Once you’ve synced your purchases you’ll have access to your Topaz Studio tools even without an internet connection.”

Earlier on I opened Studio in PSP and none of my purchased adjustments showed up. All I had was the offer to Try Pro. I logged in again and, after a minute of the spinning wheel of doom, my purchases finally showed up.

I’ve just opened Studio again and it took a little while for the server to register I was logged in so I had to wait for my purchased adjustments for a second time.

How can we work off the grid if we can’t get our purchased adjustments to show up unless we are online and logged in?

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We’re working on an offline installer, but it will take some time to get just right. There are a lot of moving parts in Studio, and we need to make sure we have a system that fits with our design intent. The design will be updated to allow for more free movement without having the application check in so often. Some ideas for this are an offline mode, a 3 month timer, or any number of other idea. What would you like to see, given the application must eventually check in to resolve things like ownership, effects sync, and other dynamic bits of data?

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PS CC has a ‘timer’ - it says that you can use it offline but you must then login so that Adobe can be sure you’re all paid-up etc. I cannot remember how long the time allotted is by Adobe - just that when I have been out-of-signal and cannot get online, it has been a godsend. Three months sounds generous.

My lack of internet connection will only be if my service provider goes down for a while so my needs will be simple. I think the finer details of how often we need to log in etc should be left for people who do go off the beaten path to suggest.

Will there ever be a way for people to have access to the custom presets they create when offline?

Well, there’s no way to send them when you’re offline. I suppose you could move the databases yourself, manually, but there’s no guarantee this would work, because machine GUIDs are stored in that database. It may be possible, but it won’t likely be supported until we have an official process to follow.

I hope it will be possible when everything else has been sorted out. Working off the grid will be a bit limited if people can’t use their custom presets or save any new ones they come up with.

There are times when I am away from my studio in rather remote environments of Peru with little to non-existent Internet availability, and I would want to use Studio. I am generally not off grid longer than a month so a 1-3 month window would work for me.

Is there anyway for our custom presets to be stored on our own systems. I thought in the regular plugins that offered access to the community we could download presets. Was that the case or were we merely downloading a link to the preset which was lodged on the web?