Studio Won't Roundtrip Image to Photoshop

Brand new to the Studio software and this forum. Thanks for all the contribution and inspiration on this forum! The issue i’m having is Studio is not sending/roundtripping the image back to Photoshop after styling. The lower right “Cancel & OK” both are unresponsive. My workaround is to save the styled image from Studio and then place it as a new layer in PS to complete the image. Any suggestions?

Never seen this before but make sure you don’t use apply before clicking the OK button. Apply will create a new copy with the Adjustments applied but this can’t be returned to PS.

Thanks for the reply. Understood about the apply button…The OK & Cancel buttons are unresponsive…guess i should put a support ticket in.

Certainly raise a support request from the Need Help? link above. As I only have CS 6 and it works OK for me it would be the best option.

One other option you have that may work is to reset the Local Database (Help Menu), but if you have created your own presets you will need to save them as a TSP file and re-import them later.

Reset LDB…issue not resolved…will put in ticket. Thanks!

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If you Apply and do not perform any other operation then this is the case, Cancel and Save are inactive. All you need to do, though, is use the Transparency slider, wiggle it back and forth, and this will reactivate the buttons.

Will keep you posted…thanks for the advise!

I put a ticket into support 3 days ago but they have not responded yet. Any idea how long they take for a response?. If they cant straighten this out i will have to request a refund. The workaround is ok the learn software but not usable in a production environment.

If you are talking about using the Apply and then moving a slider to get the OK/Exit buttons working again then this is the wrong way to use the application.

The right way is to use all the Adjustments you want to on the image passed from PS and use the OK button to return to PS.

The only time that Apply is used is if you want to create a new copy, with the Adjustments applied, and save that directly to disk. Apply is NOT used before going back to PS.

The issue is the OK button is unresponsive. I make my adjustments and click the OK button (no apply button used). The OK and Cancel button are unresponsive however. I also noticed that the blending mode button is hypercritical of where i click it before it offers popup. Something definitely wrong. All drivers/software up to date etc. Even uninstalled/reinstalled Studio. I also purchased gigapixel and it works fine btw. thanks for the feedback.