Studio will only open with duplicated background layer

I am very pleased that Studio now supports ReMask and Clarity, however, in both Paint Shop Pro and Affinity photo I cannot just use Studio as a plugin. In PSP it says ‘background layers cannot be used. Please create a duplicate layer’. I know this if I need to use ReMask - no problem but if I just want to use Studio???
The message in Affinity says ‘Transparency is locked, please unlock the transparency’. Also here if I duplicate the background I can open Studio which is ok if I want to use ReMask but for everything else this is not really convenient.
Has anybody made the same experience? Any workaround known? Yesterday I updated from 1.1.5 to 1.1.6 but nothing changed in this respect.
Any help appreciated!

The only way is to create a duplicate or unlock the layer because you can return a mask from Studio now so it doesn’t differentiate between using to just add a effect or the fact that you may return a mask.

Simply duplicate the layer, or unlock it. But note that if you want to use and return a mask make sure that you duplicate the layer.

Affinity Photo doesn’t currently support sending a alpha channel for the masking option so you simply cannot call Studio from AP at this time.


Thank you Don!

I know we cannot ask for everything but I do hope there will be a solution at some stage. Otherwise I will have to edit in Affinity, then export and then open the image in Studio. Ok, I am not a prof but still this is not really convenient. I am thinking about dropping a note to Serif to think about this…
For PSP it is ok. I just have to remember to duplicate the background every time I want to use Studio with PSP

Hi Peter,

I am in the same boat as you coz I also use AP, I have talked to AP about it and they are working on being able to pass an Alpha channel but the complexities (which give much better masking) of Alpha’s, Background Alpha’s then fully transparent, partially transparent and opaque channels and being able to have layer masking, layer clipping , channels, stacks etc it is a difficulty they haven’t resolved as yet.

But it is able to read a proper TIFF with an Alpha channel so it is getting there.


Just FYI if you mask in ReMask and save as a TIFF with Alpha and then bring it into AP and then refine the mask it makes it perfect …

But, that doesn’t make Studio work but it may be a way around when the 1.2 version is ready where you save the output as TIFF and then import into AP.

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Haven’t tried Affinity but you can promote the “background” image in PSP and it will work.

Thanks, yes I know this

We do not currently support Affinity, due to the way they handle alpha channels/transparency. We’re hoping to work with them directly to solve this problem, but for now, you cannot use Studio in Affinity as it is currently designed. We may add support at a later time.

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Thannks Joe !