Studio - What is difference between Apply and Duplicate

Perhaps I am missing something but I do not see a difference between Duplicate and Apply. Any clues will be greatly appreciated.


Duplicate will create an exact copy of the image and the adjustments whereas Apply will create a new image after applying the Adjustments.

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They both sound the same to me as well. Isn’t an exact copy a new image anyway? Is it the case that Apply bakes the adjustments in while Duplicate leaves them still editable?

That is what I said …

Thanks Don for you response. On the surface they seem to be very similar. How are they different? Help me to understand how you would use one or the other.

Hi they aren’t similar except that they start with the same image. Once you ‘apply’ the original image is lost as all the adjustments/ effects are applied.

Typically I would use duplicate if I had already started using adjustments then wanted to see where I would go from there by either applying an adjustment with different settings or indeed different adjustments to compare the results.

Apply is more like a stamped layer in PS whereas with duplicate you can continue to experiment.


Thanks Don…that makes all the sense in the world. I am copying your reply into my notebook until I become totally familiar with each.

@AiDon I have discovered by viewing one of Shazzy’s videos that … you start with the original image… do some adjustments edits and hit apply and that produces a new 2nd image with the results and places it after the first original image. BUT, if you go back and select the original image and hit RESET if with turn back the original image to its original unaltered state.
If I’m not mistaken… you can hit Reset to each edited Apply image in the sequence that appears in the bottom panel after adding any new adjustments to maintain those image edits?

Just Bookmark topics like these to be able to go back to for future reference. It saves time from copying them down and you can always delete/clear the bookmark when you familiar with using them. You can also do use the Grab app on your Mac to do a screen grab and keep them in a Topaz folder on your Mac. Hope this helps?

Sure, but you can’t reset an image after the adjustments have been applied … it is destructive whereas duplicate isn’t.

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GREAT John…many thanks. I am so darn old school about certain things and believe me I have notebooks full of notations…:relieved:

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I see your point.

As a follow on to this question, if you have come into TS from a host program (LR or PS) If you use APPLY it seems to eliminate the possibility to SAVE and return to the host program. Does it do the same if you DUPLICATE?

I presume that APPLY creates new files, is that the case?

Yes apply will create the new image shown in the Browser Filmstrip, you can then save that externally using the Save As command.

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