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What is the differance between Topaz bundle & Topaz photography Collection?

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What is the differance between Topaz bundle & Topaz photography Collection?

  • The ‘photography collection’ is a term used by a user of Topaz Studio in their review.
  • Topaz Bundle refers to the legacy plug-in collection for Photoshop/Lightroom and various other hosts. It can also be used as plugins in Studio and some, such as Glow, Impression, Texture Effects, Clarity, Detail etc., have been ported to be Adjustments within Studio. Note that the Topaz Bundle plug-ins will no longer be updated but will be ported to Studio and become Adjustments.
  • Topaz Studio is the a photo editor offering the essential tools and a bridge to all its software. All future development will focus on the Topaz Studio environment as it offers a stand-alone photo editor that also edits RAW images, it is also a host for Topaz plug-ins (as Photoshop is) and can be used as a Plug-in in Photoshop, Lightroom, Affinity Photo etc.
  • Topaz Studio brings exciting new Adjustments such as Ai Remix the first desktop application that uses the power of Artificial Intelligence to transform your image’s style to recreate contemporary and classic artistic styles with the click of a button.

All in all Topaz Studio is a one stop application and provides non destructive edits by way of Topaz Pjoject Files that can be re-edited.

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Hi Don,

I see that we are supposed to get free updates to plugins we already own, even when they migrate to Studio. I own the Classic Bundle (for which I paid for of course). How do I license the replacement adjustments: Glow, Impression, Texture Effects, Clarity, Detail?

Thanks. Alec

You will need to log-in as a Studio user, using the same user ID as your account on Topaz Labs and it should automatically update to pro any Adjustments that were updates to the products you own.

Note that after Studio finishes synching you will need to exit and restart.

If that doesn’t work raise a support request at the link in the header above and support will help.