Studio v1.11.3

Is 1.11.3 available for download? According to the changelog its available but when I click on Help/check for software updates it responds with updates not available. Also, is the AI Clear adjustment the same engine as Photolemur?

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You can download from here:

Be sure to uninstall TS prior to reinstalling.

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As of Saturday, 5/19/2018, Download shows v1.10.5 as the current version. If I click that download link, what version gets downloaded? I don’t want to d/l and install the version I already have.



Use the Help-> Check for Updates menu option and it will tell you if you are up to date … if there is an update available it will notify you.

@JoeFedric-TL was version 1.11.3 pulled? That is the version I currently have installed. Should I remove it?

So this is really confusing: on Thurs night, 5/17/2018, the web page at Topaz Labs shows v1.11.3 as the current release version. (I have a screenshot as of Fri morning.) I just ran Topaz Studio → Help → Check for Software Updates, and was told I’m runnning the latest version (1.10.5).

The update page still shows 1.11.3 current.

Would still appreciate clarification on this.

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I would guess they are planning for a release and it will happen on Monday … or they pulled the update, if you are having any issues with the current version installed on your PC we should be able to help if you pose a question or raise another thread.

The only problems are continuing minor annoyances. Around 8 months ago, I sent a help request for fixing issues with keyboard navigation (am I the only keyboarder using TS?). Some of those problems persist. Each new update fixes one or two of these issues, so I upgrade as soon as possible.

So it’s mildly frustrating to see a new update supposedly available, but really isn’t.

I’ll try to be patient. Maybe?


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So I take it we still should avoid installing until Studio 1.11.3 is released - correct?

Topaz Studio 1.11.3 had some issues discovered upon release that were not present in previous beta test builds, and was not detected until release. We will release it when it is ready =]

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