Studio V1.1.6 - New Motion Blur - TDR Error SOLVED

Trialing the new Motion Blur. All functions seems to work except the Spin Blur which always gives me the attached TDR error.
My graphics card is a NVidia Quadro 600, 1 G ram.
Is this card now too bottom end??
Or can you walk me through a fix please.
I have followed the links in the error through to MS registry changes, but cannot see the exact same local keys to alter which the support advice itemizes.

I’m surprised I’m not seeing comment or anything anywhere in the Topaz site from users re the new V1.1.5, nor 1.1.6.

Another query, will the ability to save as Project, to save all masks for future edits happen? If yes, how soon??

I hope these support questions are in the correct place.



The technical requirements are listed on the web site at:

Make sure you have updated the NVIDIA drivers to the current version (R384 U3 (385.41) I think)

The general advice is do not attempt to change the TDR delay in the registry … it is dangerous and should only be used by experienced developers for testing.

Forgot to mention that should the driver update not rectify the problem raise a support request at the submit a ticket link in the header above.

Thanks Don, I’ve previously seen that requirements page & I’ve looked into a more powerful card. Mine is the Minimum 1G.

The error message leads people to fiddle with the Registry. As you say, dangerous.

The Spin Blur shows the blur focus point, then the immediate error.

How should I handle this error?

Will the Topaz support people answer, or should I submit a ticket?

I can see me buying an new expensive card and the same thing happening.


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The problem first occurred with 1.1.5.
I did update the driver to no effect.
I’ll do a Support Ticket.
Thanks again.


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I commented on the update earlier. Too early, as it turned out. This latest version is very buggy and I’ve raised a ticket to try and raise awareness of some of them. It’s very frustrating to find one or two minor improvements only to find so much else that is going wrong.

I think the effort and time that Topaz put into swapping around the bells and buttons of the GUI would be better used in addressing some of the major issues of their product, particularly its reliability.

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Has anyone else experienced the Spin Blur TDR error with the new Motions Blurs trial?
For me at least it persists with the just released V1.1.9.
I have updated the NVIDIA driver and have a support ticket, and have had a response to the effect that the appropriate person would have a look at it.
Am I Robinson Crusoe (all alone) with this one :slight_smile:?


We have more bug fixes in our updates than new features. Check out the changelog.

TDR stands for Timeout Detection Recovery. This means your GPU is processing too slowly, and was terminated by the operating system for becoming unresponsive. The Quadro 600 is a workstation GPU, and not well geared for OpenGL applications. I’d suggest a consumer-level GPU for processing in Studio. Something like the GTX 750 Ti meets the Recommended specs level here:

And will only cost you about ~$100 USD. I’d recommend avoiding OpenGL applications with a card like the Quadro 600. Here’s how the Quadro 600 stacks up against the GTX 750 Ti in OpenGL Benchmark Testing:

As you can see, the GTX 750 Ti claims 5.4x better performance. I’d recommend considering more powerful hardware, or at least something geared for OpenGL, rather than OpenCL (as all workstation cards are).

Thanks for the response Joe.

The NVIDIA Quadro 600 spec is Open GL 4.4

Everything works, the plugins and everything about Studio, expect the Spin Blur function.

Is the Spin Blur more demanding on the GPU than all else?



That is correct - but it’s just awful running OpenGL applications. I spoke to the author of that Adjustment on the TDR error you’re receiving. Because the error itself informs us that your graphics card has stopped responding, we discussed the possibility that the Spin Blur effect had something unique to it that might be causing your card to lock up. Unfortunately, we don’t have a Quadro 600 in our office to test this timeout/locking problem you’ve encountered, but often enough we can gain more information with a bit of testing. Can you try using smaller images, and invoking Spin Blur on a tiny image? If you cannot even get the Spin Blur to appear on your image, then the card itself is not receiving the OpenGL shader code correctly, and is crashing right away.

Joe, this morning an image at 25% Quality & 100 ppi from Lightroom froze W10 until the blue recover screen appeared. Further attempts invoked the TDR error as usual.

A tiny png off the web, the same TDR error.

In every instance except for the freeze, the “aim point” first shows on the image, then the error message.

Is the Shader Coding unique to the Spin Blur, or is it handled differently?

I’ve got the message about the card, but would hate to experience the same error with new hardware.

Hello Joe, I have upgraded my graphics card with a ASUS GTX 1050Ti 4GB.

The Spin Blur problem is now solved.

Another problem I’m having is the Project files failing to open properly.

I’ll start another thread on this one.