Studio: Texture module Grid overlay for easier sizing. (Mirror/Tile/..)

Texture module: Would be nice to have the ability to apply (or show by default) a grid (configurable size?) to the image when editing and applying Textures.

For example, when setting texture to Mirror or Tile mode, and then "Edit"ing (resizing) the texture on screen to get the right effect, it can be quite hit or miss where the mirroring/tiling is applying since the sizing is entirely by eye-balling.

It would be nice to a) show pixel coordinates, and b) superimpose a grid on top of the image when “editing” the texture size, to be able to more accurately apply it.
An option to auto-lock to grid points/lines, rather than purely floating with my pen moves, would of course be pure gravy. :slight_smile:

Is there an option to mirror or tile in Textures? I haven’t found anything but flipping, rotating and resizing.

You’re right there isn’t free sizing or edge extension options as in Texture Effects, just Flip & Invert.

@ellemat2, As long as we are talking the Textures Adjustment in Studio, yes sure you can mirror or tile textures.
BUT… That option only show up under conditions.

When you apply click on an individual Texture, it is by default added across the image. You cannot see any options to Mirror/Tile/Extend.

BUT. Thats because the Texture default fills the whole image (cannot be tiled)… Click the “Edit” button, and resize the texture area, using the sizing bars that appear, to be a different (smaller) size, and “magically” an “Edge Extension” selection show up in the Adjustment selections (right between the existing “Lock Aspect Ratio” and “Texture Location”).

Edge Extension allows for selecting to Mirror, Tile, or Extend the texture image across the image being edited.

Now… Given the “Edge Extension” name the option has, I should say that I cannot be sure whether that option shows up in my Studio 1.5.3 only because it was added to Textures as part of one of the other paid “Edge” type Adjustments. :slight_smile:
Don’t think so, but that COULD be… :slight_smile:

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My bad, you’re right it does show when you resize but the other annoying difference between it and TE is that it doesn’t center the effect either mirror or tile as TE does.

Well thank you very much…if you hadn’t mentioned it, I don’t know how long it would have been before I stumbled over it. I don’t see it as a function I’ll use much of but at least I know its there.

@ellemat2, FYI.

The ability to tile (useful only for already mirrored textures) and mirror (creates some beautiful patterns) can actually be very useful, especially when you have a lot of smaller texture images. Applying small texture image to a very large original image in the default use gets blown up in size. A woody pattern that SHOULD be repeated will instead look like a big wood-plank stuck across the much larger original image.

Not a big issue if you only use the high-res patterns included with Studio, but I imported 3000+ existing smaller textures with paper, wood, glass, ice, and many other things into Studio’s texture manager as new texture categories, and tried using those. Worked perfectly when using tiling (for some) and mirroring (you can create some very fancy patterns.

Hence my wish for a overlayed “grid” when resizing and restructuring textures. :slight_smile:

BTW… That resizing also allows you to rotate textures and THEN tile/mirror/extend. New ways of using fanciful texture patterning.

Thank you again. So far, I haven’t had the need or the inspiration to use those types of effects in my work. It doesn’t mean that something might not call for it down the road and I’d need it. Knowing that the ability to do so if called for is a good thing.