Studio Support Issues

I had studio from beginning I order before was released and from the beginning they listen what user said. Original they had 150% zoom only I told them that it should be more then that because on High Resolution computers you can’t edit at 150% some details. Then I ask for Heal, Clone tool and they added only Heal tool. I been asking for Clone Tool and Eraser Tool and no Luck with that.
Another problem I ask to fix the CROP Tool. They don’t have the Horizontal Portrait mode and in Custom Mode you can’t add “.” so if I want 11.0 in. x 8.5 in . you can do that because it will not allow you to do add “.”
And this problem is from start but No matter how many tickets I submit to them same problem. We are working on it and will be fix in next Version.
They never add a printing from Studio so if you want to print you need another program to do that, how nice.
But new version came and no fixes came.

Please raise a support request at the link above asking for Refund Request (Studio Only).

As you know Joe this is a user to user forum and Topaz people will only pick up here occasionally. There is no one here that can grant your request so please don’t vent as it doesn’t help your case.