Studio/Sharpen AI saved files mystery

Workflow today - Lightroom to Studio, use AI Clear and APPLY to file.
Call Sharpen AI - APPLY and return to Studio.
Select file which has had AI Clear applied and call Sharpen AI again - use different settings and APPLY & return to settings.
Now I have 3 TIF files in Studio with 3 different names.
Close Studio and SAVE each file as requested by Studio.
Where did 2 of the 3 files go?
Only one went back to the folder from which it came (the folder being managed by LR).
Why didn’t the two variations/versions go back to the folder from which the beginning image originated.
If I look in File > Save As in Studio, the sticky folder name is the same as I was working in (I worked in this same folder yesterday).
I assumed/hoped that these 2 extra files actually did get saved when I answered “SAVE” to the dialog box. But, making me search for them seems like an unnecessary “feature”.
Is there a detailed Studio 101 for dummies that includes working with Sharpen AI, LR, PS, etc? I need some help.

If you are using a Windows 10 PC just open the File Explorer and make sure it is on Quick Access. The most recent files will be listed and their location. See example below.

It isn’t unnecessary as that is how Lightroom works, it will only see the image passed to the external editor and that can only be updated by using the Save entry in the file menu. Anything you use as Save as will go to the directory in the Save as Dialog, the last directory you saved to.

If you want those extra images to appear in Lightroom simply synch the directory but remember they wont be stacked with the original.

You may also be better to call Sharpen AI as a external editor in Lightroom. You can add an external editor in the external editor tab of the Lightroom Preferences under the Edit menu.

I did exactly that and the files do not show up in Recent files.
I also went to the folder in File Explorer where I would expect them to be - the one that the original image came from. They are not there. Only the original RAW file and the TIF that was run thru AI Clear.

Synching the directory won’t help because the files are not there. I looked in File Explorer – they are not in that folder.

What difference would it make if called Sharpen AI as an external editor in Lightroom? I first wanted to use AI Clear on the image, then play with Sharpen AI. So, I should go to Studio for AI Clear, then back to Lightroom, then call Sharpen AI as an external editor? Why?

Also, Lightroom only has room for two external editors. I use the first slot for Photoshop and the second slot for Studio. What would be the benefit to changing to Sharpen AI?

You can add as many external editors to Lightroom as you need, just create a preset in the external editor tab in preferences.

THANKS!! I had totally forgotten that that slot was for presets - not just one external call. Been using LR too long, I guess.

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Now I have Sharpen AI in the external editor list in Lightroom. I sent an image to it, then decided not to use SAVE as I didn’t want the TIF overwritten. I opened the Save As dialog. The program automatically appended the word “sharpen” to the file name. I could change it to something else in that box, but I’d really like to specify a token to be added automatically. I don’t see any Preference opportunity to do that. Is there a feedback/suggestion thread somewhere for feature requests?

Also, I’m really frustrated by the metadata scraping and changing the capture date. Why would they do that??


Stripping the MetaData is a known issue and is in the process of being corrected.

The program will append Sharpen, Stabilize or Focus to indicate the processing you have undertaken.

We are actively trying to fix the metadata. We’ll keep making it better and better till we get it perfect. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Mine always adds “sharpen”, no matter the processing I choose. So for instance if I choose “stabilize”, the file will be named:

Is that a bug? (v1.2.0)


I don’t know as it always has sharpen-, maybe @topazjosh can let us know if it is there to indicate the application+mode or indeed it is a bug?

As Imgreene (Linda) mentioned on another post " On the menu bar, click on File, Preferences where you can change the Default Save-As suffix of Sharpen as well as choose to not apply the selected processing mode to the suffix; i.e. focus, stabilize, sharpen."

I just changed mine to SAI so the added suffix will read SAI (Sharpen, Stabilize, focus) which ever applies.

You are correct, AiDon. It should be application+mode.

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