Studio - Rearrange Adjustments List?

Hi, Is there a way to remove or rearrange the adjustments list so what I need or have is only shown or moved to the top of the list? Thankyou, Russ.

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I take it you are talking about Studio? No there is no way to shuffle the Adjustment list, I have moved this to product feature requests.

Thankyou Don, Yes Studio, sorry about that, it would be very handy to have. Russ.

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Well 6 months on, new software and still waiting for some kind of response from the product features department. I am not n expert with Topaz and not a tech guy but surley this option cannot be that difficult to offer up? Thankyou.


Russell, with the advent of Studio 2, you get all the adjustments (now called filters) with the Studio package.

They are now grouped under 3 headings, Essential, Creative, and Stylistic, and within those groups, they are listed alphabetically. You can also now tag individual filters as "Favorites’ and access those from the favorites lists.

I find it much more convenient than the listing in Studio 1

Ah Ok thankyou will have a look at that. Russ.