Studio Pro Adjustments slow to load

I opened a Request two months ago, and just discovered that it’s been closed, un-resolved, and I don’t know why.

If my computer is not online and Studio is not connected to the website, it takes 45 seconds for the Pro Adjustments to become available; they’re in black, and if one is selected, only the default adjustments are available. After 45 seconds, the adjustments turn blue and all sliders are fully available. This is a real pain when using Studio as a plug-in.

I have a metered connection, so I can’t always keep Studio connected. Also, I’m often camped out in areas where there is no internet access, or at least very poor and un-secure.

If I’m the only user with this problem, that might explain why this Request was closed.

So my question: am I the only user experiencing this?

This is a community forum we don’t do support requests so you would have to ask Topaz by checking with the support people on the email above quoting your request number.

But that seems to be a long time for it to load so can you provide some information for us:

  • What OS is your PC?
  • How much RAM do you have?
  • What GPU do you have (you may have 2) and how much dedicated vRAM does it have?
  • What is the driver version of your GPU?

And then tell us how you are using Studio … i.e. as a standalone or a plugin for PS, PSP, Lightroom etc and let me know what version of Studio you have.

And I believe that Studio only requires that you are connected once every 3 months if you don’t want to use the community.

My reason for posting here was to see if anyone else was having the same issue. And a support Request was submitted two months ago, and has been active up until a few days ago.

I did fail to mention that if I am connected to the internet and Studio is allowed to connect, then the Pro Adjustments are loaded immediately. It’s only when Studio is blocked from connecting that I experience the 45-second delay.

HP Notebook i7; Windows 10; 12GB total memory; nVidia GeForce 940M (active), Intel HD Graphics 520 (inactive); nVidia driver date 02/05/2017; nVidia Video Memory 2048 MBytes of DDR3 SDRAM [Samsung]. I’ve also tested using the Intel GPU, but that doesn’t fix the problem.

As I originally stated, 50% of the time I use Studio as a plug-in.

Zoner Photo Studio 18 is my DAM program; depending on what I want to do, from Zoner I may run Studio. or launch Affinity Photo, or launch TS as a helper program, otherwise TS as a plug-in. Sometimes only Zoner & TS are active, sometimes Zoner + Affinity + Studio + Qimage Ultimate may all be running at the same time. They all play well together.

TS is version 1.0.9 (which I have had to update manually).

But really, I’m just curious if anyone else is experiencing this behavior.

Thanks for the reply, and any other insight would be appreciated.

As far as I can see, your request (119920) is still open. I’m going to respond there, but I’ll also respond here. We have been working on a public update for Topaz Studio, in our beta channel. In the latest beta version, which will soon be released to the PR (Public Release) channel, this issue no longer exists. I would like you to await that update, and check back in either here or on your ticket, to let us know if the newest version resolves it.

Yes, I’ll wait for the official next release.

My confusion is that 119920 was about not being able to update from with TS, rather, I had to uninstall the previous version (1.0.8 and earlier) then install the new (currently 1.0.9).

119133 was my Request regarding the Pro Adjustments loading slowly if there was no internet connection.

119133 is of more interest to me, I can live with manual adjustments. And 119133 is currently closed (i.e., marked as “Solved”).

I’m guessing/hoping that the issue in 119133 has been merged into 119920?

Also guessing that the pending update addresses both the “Unable to Update” and the slow loading Pro Adjustments; also that I’ll be testing my ability to update from within v1.0.9 to the next version, plus testing the Pro Adjustments issue.

Thanks for the reply, Joe.

Yes, it looks like the tickets were merged. This is a pretty common thing we do to minimize the volume of total requests in the help center, and respond more quickly. I’ll update your ticket soon.