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I have been using Studio as an external app, calling it from some of my workflow tools, and it has worked well when used in that manner.However Topaz keeps mentioning Studio being used with Photoshop and Elements so I assume there may be an actual “plugin” file somewhere. The problem is that I can not find it and it does not show up in my Elements plugin folder.

I should mention that I do not use Elements very much, preferring instead Affinity Photo and PhotoLine, but if there is an actual Studio plugin file that can be called from Elements using the normal plugin interface (rather than the Automation interface) I would like to know either where it is or where I can find it. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Studio on my system but could not find any Studio “.plugin” file, however my Elements installation is on an external drive (so as to not use up my valuable but limited SSD) and perhaps the installer could not find it. Or perhaps Studio only works through the Automation interface.

Can someone help me answer this question? Thank you.

Not sure what you mean by the ‘automation interface’ but you will have to create an unlocked layer in Elements also.

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In the link you provided just shows Clarity and Topaz Studio. Is this info just for the version Studio v1.1.9?

In my PS CS6 plugin folders
They both have the same plugin icons:
Topaz Studio
Topaz Clarity

I’m just trying to clear this up if what I have is correct or not? I appreciate the help regarding this info.

Photoshop and Elements provide two paths to call “plugins”. One is the standard plugin interface that accepts a document from the editor, usually containing some changes, and returns that format directly back to the editor. The other is the Automation interface that usually has the editor save a temporary file, send that to the called app which then returns the temp file which the editor then reloads.

Previous Topaz plugins used the standard plugin interface while tools like On1 used the Automation interface. Both accomplish largely the same thing, but the way the files are treated is different.

Yes that is correct, for your other questions that i removed ask in the appropriate section please.

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