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Following watching Taylor’s tutorial on the Sharpen Adjustment, I decided to play. I took this image into Studio and applied some Lens Blur sharpening. Plus Precision Contrast, Focal Blur, an Odell texture, Cropping and some Healing.


Nice work …

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Wow…fabulous! Thankyou so much for writing in what you had done…i am a complete newbie to topaz studio and i found your writing very inspiring…and your photo looks just lovely! I take a lot of nature photos myself…so am learning from all of you in this forum…if you know of any tutorials…i am all ears…that work in the nature field…flowers…forests…waterfalls…streams…etc… I love your dandelion and the flowers…You did a great job here!!!

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Thank you.

Are you just interested in Studio tutorials? Do you use photoshop or some other programs that you would like tutorials? You will find that many members here are more than happy to provide any useful info and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Welcome aboard, it’s a great forum!

Nice results @john4jack. If you go on the blog page there are many more tutorials available. I just found a couple of interesting ones today.

Not only are there many more tutorials, there are tutorials for all of the Pro adjustments plus others.

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