Studio - Non destructive editing

It would be immensely helpful if Studio could be used non-destructively. I’d like to re-edit a file starting with the adjustments I used the previous time. I can imagine a new sidecar or Studio file that contains the original image, adjustments used, their order, their settings and their masks (and other local adjustments). Then when you reedit the file all the settings you used before would populate and you can tweek the image. In other words, it works like lightroom classic but a new file contains the final edits (and not the edit history like lightroom since Studio has an adjustment list to follow).

Using this feature would be an option, not a requirement. This method could also work through photoshop, though photoshop only sees the final studio edited image at the end of the Studio edit. If the sidecar rendered file is different from the file photoshop requests to edit, then the user can just edit the photoshop file or be asked if they want to revert to the previous Studio edited file.

Sorry if this is an old topic but other than the requests to edit smart objects in photoshop, I didn’t see this mentioned.


Simply save the image as a Project file, a .TSP file. You can then reopen and re-edit at your leisure. The only thing that will be missing is if you call a Plugin from Studio as that will create a new image with the adjustments applied and then the Plugin effects applied.

Although there still will be a copy of the image and adjustments open for you to save as a Project file.

You can also use the Save as option whilst it is being used as a PS plugin but you wont be able to re-edit whilst using as a plugin.

Thank you!

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