Studio loads very slow since last few updates

Nothing has changed on my Mac. I’ve had some minor issue with Studio since its release. Fairly acceptable with new products, but seems each update there is something new broken. Now every time I load it, whether it be as a plugin or standalone it takes about 3 minutes to load and keeps giving not response messages as shown in this screen shot. What changed? are they re-cataloging every time it loads or?

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I keep writing issues in the ticket area, with screen shots, how Topaz Studio loads REAL slow on a MAC since last few updates. the Activity monitor shows “Not Responding” and it just sits there. Finally after about 3 minutes it loads. What is it doing differently? than before. Never had this issue since updates, They just set the ticket to “solved” Some of the tickets are now missing, like they just delete the requests? the company use to be responsive, did they change the management in support?

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Can’t really answer your questions but I had an issue with getting to the Support portal due to my browser getting a bit “long in the tooth”. I migrated to FireFox (still a Mozilla product) and that resolved that issue.

Even so, if actually filing a ticket, it would take DAYS before hearing back (they do take week-ends off you know). As such, I’d post in the area instead and would see a response in an hour or so. Maybe try that.

Hi, thanks for your reply. I got an answer yesterday to a ticket I filled out in October! I appreciate your advice. I will try your link.

We updated to 1.6.10 yesterday, that corrects the slow startup time and the “not responding” issue on Mac. Use Help → Check for Updates to get the latest version.

Well the program does come up a lot faster, Joe, but now get this:

I’d recommend running the installer from the Studio downloads page:

Updated from the Check Updates from within Studio on my Mac.
Downloaded fine and I find it now opens much faster. Thanks for the fix.[quote=“JoeFedric-TL, post:7, topic:3754, full:true”]
I’d recommend running the installer from the Studio downloads page:

I did check the downloads page and the current version says 1.6.9?
I know you have mentioned that this info is usually corrected in 5 minutes after the release, but this post was made 5h ago and it still isn’t changed?

Just checked the page again… 2days now… still showing 1.6.9?

Finding the incorrect version listed would have some people scratching their head as to… is this the current version or not I’m installing… especially on the downloads page?

I do like the addition of the option to Roll back to the previous version that was added to the page.

I’m getting 1.6.9 on page too, but I’m on .10? Site can’t read version and display correclty? or is this a install to an earlier version?