Studio Issues with External Plugins

1.0.8 has fixed the interface issue. However the same problems with using Impression and Simplify as plug-ins inside of Studio remain (in Impression no image shows up in the Interface, and opening the plug-in freezes everything; after using Simplify, when Studio is closed, it crashes). Since I use Studio as a Layer in PSCC, this is no real problem; I simply use those plug-ins on separate Layers (where everything works fine).

I haven’t tried much yet, but I used the Clarity Plug-in on an image (or rather, tried to), and it was fine when I clicked on a preset, but quickly returned bad results (sudden overexposure) when I attempted to reduce any of the detail sliders. I tried more than once, and with more than one preset selected. I had to cancel each time because the document window simply displayed the overexposed (and unsharpened) image. It ran without issue separately inside Photoshop.

Thanks for mentioning this. I have not had any noticeable problems using Clarity inside of Studio. However, as you know, others have been problematic. I think that as a general principle, I will use the Topaz plug-ins outside of Studio. There is too much risk and too much hassle otherwise.

For me, it’s Topaz Studio’s ability to work with the plug-ins that makes it interesting. One or another have had a problem depending upon the build, but what makes Studio stand out for someone who does own the plug-ins is the ability to do some types of easy edits in Studio, then use the virtual copy feature to start experimenting with the proper plug-ins, and eventually even to blend versions still in Studio. It’s just a nice interface for working that way, even though I certainly can do it all in Photoshop. So I hope they pay attention to these reports and keep working to ensure the plug-ins really are compatible with Studio.