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I downloaded Topaz Studio on may MacBookPro and I like it. One problem I am having is when I import a Raw photo in CR2 format that came from Canon 80d it has this purplish color to it. It does not do it if it is a jpeg and not all raw photos from Canon do this as you can see from attachment. Why does this happen. thanks

Make sure your not trying to open M-RAW or S-RAW only the full RAW.

I was mistaken they were taken with a Canon6d Mii and were in RAW not S or M. All photos taken with the 6dMii have the purple color cast. the image 5087 cr2 was taken with a Canon 80d. Will the Canon 6d Mii images work in Studio or is it not supported?

It is supported so I suggest you raise a support request.

Make sure you have the latest version of Studio installed, you can check either through the apps check for updates or the web site.

I just downloaded Studio today, so I assume it is latest version and my MacBook Pro is updated to latest OS how do I initiate a support request?

If you look at the top of this page there are links in need help.

Also, if the image is on a NAS, you may want to move it temporarily to a fixed disk to see if that makes a difference.

how do I initiate a support request I see nothing at top of page

Click on Studio in the Need Help panel above your heading. Or simply go to:

And open a request.

Remember make sure you have the latest version, V1.11.5, installed and you are not accessing the file on a NAS or a card in the camera.

I can find no help that pertains to my issue on your website. I have the latest version of Studio, V 1.11.5 it was downloaded yesterday and my photos are downloaded from my SD card into Apple Photos and from there are dragged into Studio. As I said before Images from my Canon 80d and 6d work fine but not from Canon 6d Mii. They are all the same format and are imported into Studio same way. Why will they not work???

“//It is supported so I suggest you raise a support request.//”

The reason I asked you to raise a support request that these sort of issues can be because 1) Your PC doesn’t meet the minimum requirements, 2) Your GPU drivers are not up to date, or 3) The particular file is corrupt.

As I pointed out you can raise a support request on that page … follow the instructions

The same thing happens to me when I drag a photo from my folders to Studio. I also use the Canon 6D Mark ii and all the photos are ‘magenta’ colored. If I open Photoshop and then move it to Studio, it’s ok.

I sent info to Topaz and never heard a thing in return, I figure it is because the Markll is a fairly new camera Topaz has not got it incorporated into website, but I am jus guessing. I like using it in conjunction wiyh Lightroom.

You are best to raise a support request from the Need Help link above to enquire if the 6D Mark II RAW Images are supported.

If you are using in conjunction with Lightroom, LR passes a already converted image and not the RAW.

Topaz, you apparently did not read first email concerning this problem on all my cameras, Canon T4i, 6d the photos are able to be directly imported into Topaz in RAW form fine, but not the 6d Mark ll which are directly imported into topaz with the magenta hue. To get around this I would first import into Lightroom then Topaz. I inquired about this with you months ago and have as of yet not received why this is so. Have you figured this out or not?

I believe the 6D Mk 2 is not supported by the raw conversions of Studio. Untill the raw conversions are updated continue to use Lightroom to supply a TIFF or JPEG to Studio to be processed.

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I wrote to tech support about this as well some months ago but nothing has come of it. Really disappointing. I wanted to buy the Black Friday Pro bundle but it is of no use to me at present. Considering the fact the the 6D Mark ii has now been around for over a year this is poor software support.

I would suggest you continue to use whatever RAW converter you use now, or use the free DNG converter from Adobe, or DPP in the meantime.

I have just installed Topaz V2.0.0 (MacOSX Mojave 10.14.5) and Topaz still opens the CR2 files from the Canon 6D Mark II with the magenta cast. Is it known if Topaz will actually review and fix this issue? Using a DNG converter is not an ideal solution.

As previously noted it is still not supported and RAW, although you can open, are not fully supported.