Studio Hangs on "OK"

Installed 1.1.9 for the Clarity update (see my other thread for that failure). I use Precision Contrast (or anything, really) and tweak some sliders. Click on “OK”. Progress bar gest about 75% across and Studio just hangs. No CPU, just hangs. Killable, but the changes are lost.

Launched from PS CC, which is up to date. I drive everything from LR CC and PS CC. Windows 10 (up to date) 64-bit.

Just check that you meet the minimum requirements, particularly the GPU, and your GPU Driver is updated to the latest from the manufacturers website … not the PC manufacturers website. Technical requirements:

There’s a minor dot release available for my R7 360, which I will install tonight. Other than that my system exceeds those requirements.

The hang also occurs when running TS directly (not from PS). And appears related to the new adjustments. I just tried a quick Radiance adjustment, saved the result, and exited just fine, and quickly.

Different test: TS standalone with a basic NEF, HSL Color Tuning by itself, quick preset, save as PNG, works. Exit? Takes several seconds. Repeat with Precision Contrast, I am able to save, but exiting also takes several seconds. This is in marked contrast to the other adjustments (that I’ve tested so far), where TS will exit immediately.

I’m going with “something’s broken”. I’ll open a ticket.

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