Studio Crash on Look/Filter application

Just ran TP2 today and it prompted me with an upgrade which I installed. Now TP2 and TP1 are crashing constantly.

  1. Open either TP1 or TP2
  2. Drag an image onto the interface
  3. Pick a category of adjustment/look to review
  4. Thumbnails start to render
  5. Crash and program closes

Help! Thanks!

Kermit Woodall

a) turn on file logging
b) reproduce crash
c) open support case
d) attach debug/trace files
e) attach Menu:Help->Graphics Info
f) wait for analysis by developers

That’s pretty much the standard drill (for any application).



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Thanks - although I didn’t know any of that. Opening ticket now.

Kermit Woodall

Make sure you also go to Help-> Graphics info and add that to the support request by pressing Copy and then paste it into the request, please post it here also as it may be an issue with resources.