Studio Cloud to be Re-Aligned

Currently the Topaz Studio cloud is full of, to put it mildly, rubbish and what is needed to correct this is to put some controls in place. My thoughts on this are:

  • Public Presets should only display those that the owner has uploaded;
  • Those with numerals as the first character should start at the end of the list as should these starting with a single character like A, B, Z etc. Or simply not accepted.
  • If a User believes a Public preset of theirs is useful to others they should be submitted to Topaz Labs for a decision to be made;
  • A export/import preset function should also be added for those that want to share presets on a personal basis with other users.

It really has become farcical as the counts are out of synch with claim of 48 non-public and 256 public (this is I think because the count maxes out with 16 of 16) … and the presets are named with blank names or numerical starts to get them to the top of the list


Perhaps presets should be exchanged as TSP files in the first instance (posted to the Prospective Preset area on this Forum?) - interest, use and the number of likes and downloads - will soon tell us which are worthwhile…?

Or the presets could be ranked in terms of the number of likes and downloads they already have (if that’s not already available?) That would promote the useful ones to the top…

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I like Jack’s idea of ranking via ‘likes’ or similar viting system. I rarely go into the full spectrum available as they are somewhat overwhelming.

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I think Jack’s idea a a good one. The TSP file should show the picture in the effect so we have an idea of what it does. I don’t think the “likes” will work well since people are jealous (or just have no eye for what is good) and often don’t give likes to better works. I have seen people win art contests by having friends and family vote for them. This makes lack of “likes” meaningless to some degree. Since pictures would be shown with the TSP, downloads would be a better indicator for ranking and only one download per account is counted. Limit the stack to 100 presets with the least popular dropping off after two weeks.

I agree with the proper naming convention and using this method, Topaz doesn’t need to be overloaded with evaluations after they or you set up the Menu option and ranking system.

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