Studio: choosing desired pre-sets - left pane

I would like to be able to “cull” my Studio pre-sets and configure in the ones I want to use.

If this is currently not possible is it planned for a future version?

No this feature is not currently logged to be executed in the near future.

What’s wrong however with making a copy of the presets that you like and editing them however you like?

If I like the preset “Le Modern” then I could open that preset, and save my own version as “Le Modern Tharp”

Is this workflow not desirable? Help me understand if you don’t mind, how you would like it to work, if you could have it the way you wanted.

I appreciate the feedback, and thank you for your contributions to the forums.

for the record, if you’re not a familiar, I am a developer at Topaz. I am not always on here answering questions, but I try to make an appearance at least once every 3 days.

Hi, thanks for your interest. Please allow me to outline the scenario.

eg Impression…lots of pre-sets…say I click one and say “yeah, that might be it”, but let me keep looking…scroll, scroll, scroll…click the #2…nope, I think I like the first one better…scroll,scroll,scroll back. [repeat, repeat]

This can be overcome to an extent by using the grid-view…but, there are many pre-sets that I know I am just not interested in and I’d really prefer to just get them out of my way…having to customize each one to make them “keepers” is too much work. If you don’t like broccoli changing the butter and salt is not likely to change that much. :grinning:

Alternatively, the ability to “favorite” and then have a favorites-only view would work, too.

This is not unlike your TV channels…160 and you only watch five…so you want the ability to “program out” the ones you have no interest in.

Thanks for your interest in feedback.

PS I recently trialed some other software and the awkwardness of the above made me dump them in short order. eg AuroraHDR with a horizontal film-strip of pre-sets…jumping back and forth with the large thumb-print tiles is just too cumbersome in a work-flow that crucially depends on before/after actions. Having the software do lots of rendering during the scroll updates just adds to the wasted time.

I find if I have tried one and then another and decide on the first etc the Recent category can be useful.

I would like to be able to get rid of some of the many many presets that I am never going to use. I regularly do that for the ones I created


Actually, I like the pre-set GUI of my current HDR software (SNS-HDR).

I have like 6 pre-sets in the list…click, click, click…that one…easy peasy.

This is actually very similar to the old Topaz plug-in style…not that I’m a luddite or anything…everyone just has their personal preference…and with photo software the GUI makes or breaks it in a big way…for me.

Not in the pre-set menu. I haven’t found a way to do it? Anyone?

I don’t think there is any way to do so at present. I’m guessing at this point, but I believe they are on the server. Not sure how they are saved…but being able to download and delete isn’t a bad idea.

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Rather than d/l and delete, perhaps a local pre-sets conf file to store only the pre-sets the user wants to see?

The ratio of pre-sets I use to pre-sets I don’t use is too high and slows down my work-flow.

As a beta tester, are you guys running a requested-features list anywhere?

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Actually you don’t have to be a beta tester to request product features. There is a forum for this purpose and you are more than welcome to suggest your idea.

Thanks; what I meant was that, as a beta-tester, perhaps you knew of the page…which you did indeed and kindly provided. :slight_smile:


What would be nice is:

  1. Have a check box list in preferences to show only the groups desired.
  2. Be able to default to opening My Effects when first entering Studio instead of always
    having to navigate to it!
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Maybe for “culling” an “Ignore” button would be appropriate? Similar to the current “Favorite”, but kinda opposite.

That would allow for culling out (stop from showing) the “ugly” effects one would not want to see again, unless specifically selecting to “include ignored” somewhere. :slight_smile:

Would remove some of the clutter.