Studio - Can't apply Mask effects when using as Photoshop Plugin

When using Studio as a Photoshop Plugin,

  1. I open an image in Studio (via PS Filters Topaz Studio).
  2. I apply a glow effect and click the apply button below preview window
  3. I create an image layer using the original image as the foreground.
  4. I create a Mask Layer with the “Spot” mask and click “Apply”
  5. Now a feathered circle of the original image transitions into the Glow Effect image
  6. I click the OK button to transport the “effected” image back into photoshop.
  7. Only the Glow effect image appears in Photoshop - without the Mask Effect

I can not get the applied mask back into photoshop

Hi, I just tried this, following your steps. I then saved each of the images that appeared in the strip along the bottom of studio as a different file name. I could then open each one in PS (Original, Glow effect and masked effect). Don’t know if this helps?

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As far as I’m aware…I agree that the save button will only save the image highlighted. If you want to use them as layers in your editor, you’d have to save each one.


You may want to remove your email that is showing in your post?

Thanks for your help. I discovered that there is a “Done” button at the bottom of the Mask Controls, which I did not see and therefore my mask was not applied.

There is one other BIG problem for me … For Example when I am working on image #1 for 20 minutes, adding different adjustments, image layers, masks, etc. Then I click on a different Image Thumbnail in the Image Panel, without clicking the apply button for image #1) … when I go back and click on Image #1 thumbnail to continue my work on it… Image #1 reverts back to the the original image and my 20 minutes of work, ALL OF THE ADJUSTMENTS ARE LOST.

It seems to me that whatever adjustments have been added to any image in the image panel, they should remain with that image even if I switch to another image in the image panel then return. If the user wants to revert an image back to a previous adjustment or to the Original, the UNDO button can be used.(Preferred way) OR there should be a Warning Popup, asking if I want to apply my adjustments before switching to another image. It’s too easy to lose all of your work, if you forget to click Apply before switching images.

Hi John, I can’t see an email address anywhere. Am I missing something?

As I didn’t assign myself a username when I 1st logged in, my email address was assigned by default, and that is what was showing. I changed my username in my profile to Kirk_S

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@Kirk_S email was showing…not yours_Kirk has removed it.

I’ve just followed your procedure step by step and the masked image appeared in PS. Did you click “Done” on the mask before applying?

But I also got exactly the same result back to PS simply by adding the Glow adjustment, adding a spot mask and then clicking OK - no need to apply at any stage. Unless I’m missing something of course.