Studio Batch Colorspace issue

I would like to be able to batch process a group of raw images from an event that I’ve selected to final editing but when I batch load into studio and apply some basic whatever, the output Tiffs are all desaturated as if the color space was not properly converted or maintained. No matter what I try I cannot get the exported tiffs to hold their colorspace. I can save individually back to lightroom and no problem.

My images come from the Olympus system ORF files. I have them imported to Photo Mechanic where I do basic culling and tagging and then copies of selected images go to Lightroom where the workflow is a Prophoto workflow. I have all the external editors, including topaz plugins, all set to create uncompressed 16bit prophoto tiff files. It works just fine for roundtripping. The problem comes when I try and use Studio to create a workflow to apply to a batch of selected images in their own folder that I’ve created in Lightroom. It can apply the changes individually with no issue. But once I set up a batch to apply to all those files, the resulting tiffs are all basically ruined because there’s no clean way to restore that original colorspace to the tiffs once the raws are processed in this manner.

I tried using sRGB as the output for the RAW to TIFF conversion during the batch processing, but it’s the same result. The ORF files have the correct preview, but the TIFF files have an incorrect preview indicating the colorspace has somehow been misconstrued during the processing of the files. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? It’s likely something obvious I’m must not be catching.