Studio and EXIF data

Is it normal for Topaz Studio products, both TS1 and TS2, to strip the EXIF data from a file. I do an edit in Topaz Studio from Light Room with the EXIF data intact. When I bring it back into Lght Room the EXIF data is gone. I am using a Windows 10 computer.

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In general, EXIF meta-data retention should always be preserved (by any photo app). But, Topaz apps have been struggling with that lately. I requested that they notate a “fix” somewhere on the roadmap if it is indeed a defect.

Make sure you use the Accept Tick on the top LH side to go back to Lightroom, at the moment I am not seeing it with CS6/Studio 2.

If you see it happening raise a support request at the main website outlining the steps you actually take, i.e. the type of image created and passed to Studio … remember though EXIF will not be retained on PNGs as there is no standard.

I made a test round-trip to TS-2 from Affinity Photo and EXIF data was retained.

I’ve been hunting for this information. I don’t return it to Lightroom but simply save to a folder for using afterwards but I find that it’s stripping the metadata even though the image brought from Lightroom definitely has it. Anyone come up with any further info on this please?

The only type of image where EXIF data may not be retained is PNG’s because EXIF is not supported in the specifications.

Thanks, I definitely do jpg but interesting to hear re the PNG. Thanks.