Studio Adjustments vs Plug In Match Ups

I own DeNoise and Restyle. Wouldn’t that correspond to the Studio Pro Reduce Noise and Color Theme adjustments.

I also own Texture Effects. Isn’t that the Texture pro adjustment? I own Lens Effects – shouldn’t that correspond to the Motion pro adjustment? Detail plug-in —> Sharpen pro adjustment?

Without beating a dead horse as I own all of the plug-ins, don’t most of them align with pro adjustments that I’m currently being charged for?

I would say not but the best thing for you to do would be to try out those Studio adjustments using the Try Pro option and see what the differences are.

I’d say that in some cases they can be very similar but easier? to work with. The thing that I like best about Studio is that (I own all of their plug-ins) most of the time I tend not to use all of the functions in a plug-in, I’ll open a plug in and perhaps just use my favorite action, If I’m applying several of them to an image I’d have to open and close each one before I went to the next. In Studio, the Adjustments are broken down to perform a function, they open quickly and I can choose just the actions I’m looking for, all under one roof. In the Standalone, I can choose several images…copy all of the adjustments until satisfied, copy them before applying them and apply them to another image, so all of the images in the group will have the same or similar characteristics.