Studio adjusted pics don't look the same when I open them in other programs

I must be doing something wrong. I just began using Studio to post process raw files. After making all of my adjustments, I saved the picture as a jpeg file. When I open that jpeg using other programs the only adjustments that appear to have been saved are the crop and the sharpening. The colors look drab like a RAW file. When I use Lightroom I Export as a JPG file and it looks just like it did in Lightroom. I don’t see an “export” option, so I figured I only had to “save” it as a jpeg and it would work like the Lightroom “export”. Obviously, not. I am using the latest version of the software and adjustments.

Use “Save as” for JPEG and make sure you select “sRGB” for the color space

Thanks. That did the trick!

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