Studio: Ability to "Rename" the auto-named film-strip images on Apply/Duplicate

As the default, the current automated naming scheme of “Apply/Duplicate” is OK. But when trying out various things, you can end up with quite a stack of oddly named images in the film-strip area, with no way of knowing what is behind each except by clicking the image and seeing which adjustment stack show up on the right…

It would be nice to have an option to for example Right-click on an image in the film-strip and “renaming” it to a more descriptive name. (Like including “With Painterly” or “Motion Blur” in the name.

Even better, maybe also add a way to add some actual textual Notes. A shortish descriptive text that can be added/viewed (click a “note icon” on the film-strip image?) that might explain that (possibly) intermediary version’s (in)significance or process used. If an image is saved as a “project”, these notes would go into the project.


I think this is a much needed option, but I think we should to be able to name the Image Layers too. Having both would be a great feature, without being able to name them is like working in the dark?

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Renaming images in film-strip now implemented, as of 1.8.2… THANK YOU!!

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