Studio: Ability to group/lock adjustments

So, in a workflow where you do multiple things. Like first applying a standard stack of photo adjustments to get the photo right, and then maybe going further to work with other presets like Simplify/Impression/… Maybe just experiment a little.

Currently, the only option to proceed with such combos is to Duplicate/Apply, and then proceed checking out the next steps in presets. Because any clicking on a preset will otherwise reset the current adjustment stack and any previous work you have done.

This leads to multiple issues.

a) you might end up with 10-15 intermediary and unnecessary “photos” in the film-strip. To figure out what preceded your current step, you have to go back to earlier and unnecessary versions.

b) It is completely impossible to remember what all the changes were, since all these intermediary steps and “Applications” hide the combined set of adjustments that created the overall effect. (As witnessed by all the times users are asked “How did you do this?”, and the answer is “I do not know.” :slight_smile:

So… Hence my suggestion… The ability to group adjustments (for easier overview) but more importantly, a way to “LOCK” existing adjustments/layers in place, so they stay in place, even if a new preset (one of more being tested) is clicked. Without having to do all the "Duplicate/Apply"s along the way, cluttering up the workflow and confusing the process.

This will also allow a combined “preset” to be saved, that documents the whole process. From beginning to end.

Note that this is also somewhat related to this RFC:


One thing that you can do is save a ‘Project’ file which will give you a file with the original and applied adjustments in a non-destructive sequence. Simply choose File-> Save as then choose Project (.tsp) from the type drop down menu.

This can then be opened at any time so you can either continue on or adjust the applied adjustments and refine them further. In the case of External Plugins, adjustments MUST be applied to the image before being passed to the plugin … but if you save a Project file before calling the plugin you can recover easily.

I always save project files. But that does not help. That is merely another copy of the (separate) steps I did in the first set of transformations (like more basic transforms, HDR, …, …) I can see those already by merely clicking on an older version in the film-strip (or save it’s “project file”.)

The problem is making ALL transformations/adjustments show up as a combined stack. For posterity, documentation, as a combined manipulation stack. Which in the current functionality, since one cannot “lock down” earlier adjustments before (test-clicking) an artistic preset, will vanish from the adjustment stack like a fart in the wind. :slight_smile:

Hence the request to have the ability to Group/Lock (two separate actions likely) current adjustments, before experimenting with a new artistic preset, to stop existing manipulations from getting cleared.

As in, it would allow to just add the new preset actions, IN ADDITION to the ones I already have in my stack.
As in, “don’t clear my existing adjustment stack as I stumble around testing fancy presets.”. :slight_smile: