Studio 2 vs S1 - # of presets

Hi … I am an old Studio 1 user, coming back after awhile, and using Studio 2. It seems to me that S2 has many fewer presets than older products. Is that my imagination? Or a setting? Or reality?


With Studio 1, the public could save their favorite presets and share with the public so there were a ton of presets…some good, some not so good and many pretty repetitious. The same thing is not included in Studio 2. Topaz has included representative presets that can be used as a starting point. They can be tweaked as desired and saved on your own machine under a new name.

Under Help in Studio 2 there is a spot to migrate presets from Studio 1 by favoriting them in Studio 1 and then migrating them in Studio 2. I haven’t tried it so don’t know how and if it works well but there is a provision.

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Migrating from Studio 1 to 2 is easy and works well. The earlier restrictions have been removed so it may be used multiple times.

There is also a community site for sharing presets (not Topaz supported)

John811, May I ask you to be a bit more specific on how to migrate the presets from Studio 1 to Studio 2?
I’m aware of the need to “Favorite” the presets in Studio. Once I’ve done that, and go to the help drop-down and select “Migrate Custom TS! Presets”, it opens the preset Migration Options window. From this point I’m a bit lost. If I check the Migrate created presets destination path and hit the browse button it opens the Topaz Studio 2 location for Filters, Looks, Textures, and tgrc. What is the next step?

Here are the instructions.

Mine does not seem to be working correctly; I need to investigate. I have not migrated any in a long time.

You should probably read this similar topic:

Well, I just did the migration and I apparently had only 1 favorite in Studio 1, so that was all that came. SO, fool that I am, I went into Studio 1 and looked to see what else I like, applying a TON to a sample pictures.

Forty-five minutes later I fled! :). But did mark some others and imported them. I had forgotten about the feature that allowed the rabble … er, the great artists of us, to share. :slight_smile: