Studio 2 (v2.3.2) import Studio 1 presets?

Earlier version of Studio 2 (2.1.1) had the ability to migrate custom TS1 Presets via the Help Menu.

This option is gone now.

How do I import the presets now?

The only way is to use the settings from TS1 and manually recreate them in TS2

OK. Bad luck but thanks

You could, as I did, revert to the earlier version of Studio. Once you have completed the migration of your custom presets, you could once again complete the update to the current version. Although you are probably concerned only with your custom presets, I migrated ALL of the Studio 1 presets and copied them into the Studio 2 “My Looks” folder. If you are interested, I have made them available via a dropbox link.


Thank You very much for taking interest in helping me. Actually I found out about reverting to TS 2.3.1 to migrate the TS1 presets last night just before getting your message. Actually it is possible to have both 2.3.1 and 2.3.2 on my Mac at the same time. Also I found a link to TS1 installer from Topaz site. This means that it is possible to make a clean install of TS2 with all the local TS1 presets. Regards Mads


Thanks, that worked great once I figured out that the current version (2.3.2) now puts My Looks in the Win 10 Documents folder.

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Good night, how are you? is the link still available? Thanks :pray:


This might help.

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A doubt, is it possible to import the Topaz Adjust 5 presets with the Tpp format to Studio Classic or Studio 2? Thanks for listening :thinking:

Sorry I don’t know :frowning: