Studio 2 v2.3.1 Histogram function failure?

I have Studio 2 v2.3.1. The Histogram function stopped working several upgrades ago. Has anyone found a way to make it work? Does anyone know when Topaz will correct this function so it works again?

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Yes, they know that it’s broken, and they’ve been “working on a fix” for quite a while now.

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Hi, Have you raised a support request at the main website … seems to work in Win 10 for the original image.

Yes but a real pity we cannot get the modified histogram

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Works on my Windows 10 machine

It’s there, but it’s static, and does not reflect the changes Studio 2 is applying as you’re making them. Without that functionality, I’m not sure what good it is to see the original histogram.

I have Win 10 and have the same issue. The Histogram is static, which it shouldn’t be. If you change exposure, highlights, shadows, etc. the Histogram does not change. I contacted Topaz support months ago about this issue. They are aware of it but would not commit to a date when the fix will be available. The Histogram used to work. It is important to know if an image is being overexposed or underexposed.

You are absolutely correct, it does remain static. I had not noticed that before as I typically do my post-processing work involving the histogram before I take it into TS2 for creative processing.