Studio 2 v2.0.12, Still bug(s) left from .11

“Added plugin support for AI products”
Plugins are still grayed out…

The other issues seem to have been fixed! :slight_smile:

Firstly what OS are you on and what AI products do you own that don’t show as plugins for Studio 2?

Also, when you updated Studio 2 did close LR & PS, if you had them open, and did you run Studio 2 as a standalone first?

Hi Don,

I use Windows 10, and it is when opening from Lightroom I get this error.
From Photoshop and standalone Studio 2 works now.
(I own Adjust and DeNoise.)

I did not close LR when updating Studio, and restarting of Lightroom does not help.

I have just asked Development for confirmation that the external plugins are disabled in Studio 2 when called from a host, the same applies to ON1 Photo RAW and Capture One for me.

In the meantime the workaround is to call Adjust AI & DeNoise AI separately from LR.

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Strange though that it works when called from Photoshop and not from Lightroom…
Anyway, this is a minor glitch, .12 works very well beside of this.

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The plugins Adjust AI, DeNoise AI and Sharpen AI are also available from Studio 2 when it is called as a plugin from Affinity Photo, as are all the Topaz plugins from Studio 1 when it is called as a plugin from Affinity Photo.

All the Topaz plugins, including the above AI series are available in Studio 1 when it is called as an external Editor from ACDSee Photo Studio, however the three AI plugins are greyed out in Studio 2 when it is called as an external Editor from ACDSee Photo Studio.

It is a known bug, at least on Windows, insofar that if Studio v2.0.12 is called as an external editor it does not allow access to the 3 plugins if you own them. It is being corrected.

In the meantime if you need to use either of the 3 plugins call them directly as an external editor from your host application.

Thanks Don

Thanks Don for confirmation - I was just wondering what was going wrong with my workflow, as even direct transfer from Google photos via system routine “greys-out” plugins.

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