Studio 2 v2.0.11 Unusable

Installed on iMac running Mojave. Took two attempts to install.

Opens an image but crashes immediately ‘Looks’ is clicked. Tried rebooting, etc, but still crashes.


Exactly the same on my MacBook Pro running Mojave - took two attempts to install.

Same crash problem when used as stand-alone or plugin with CC 2018

Look this report Request #189666

I have the same issues on mac High Sierra 10.13.6.

When I updated Topaz Studio on my microsoft surface, it does not crash

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Crashes on using Remix filter. MacBook Pro

Call me old-fashioned, but I long for the bygone days of computing.

The days when introducing a successor meant a significant advancement over its predecessor, and the days when a version increment meant a solid improvement.

What on earth went wrong?


Same with my new iMac. Doesn’t crash by selecting the remix filter but as soon as you click on any of the remixes it crashes immediately …

It’s a bit like changing your car. You have a model you have grown used to and like, and you change it for the latest model only to find that the engine keeps seizing and some of the wheels are missing.

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Also having the same problem on a Mac with crashes using the AI Remix filter. It’s a shame that Topaz took a very solid version of TS2 and introduced new bugs.

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This isn’t a minor problem, it’s a major problem that renders TS2 completely useless to many Topaz supporters.

C’mon Topaz, get this sorted (work nights if you have to) and make us feel like we haven’t shelled out hard earned cash for a half-finished piece of software. And be sure to let everyone know what’s going on. Thanks!


I agree Corky - you only have to look at the Skylum Luminar 3 fiasco to see how badly a company can be hurt by turning an existing solid product into a bug-ridden disaster that scares people away. I am a huge fan of the Topaz products and hope they rectify this as soon as possible - honest and regular communications is the key to handling this well.

The only way I can get from LR/CC8 into TS2 is to drag and drop into TS2 - USELESS! No way to get the image back to LR. I’ll be doing all my future editing in TS1 until someone can get this mess fixed. Every time we’re told of a new version it winds up nothing more a beta that should not have been released to the public. Sorry Topaz, but no cigar.

I had been lucky, installed on my Mac, had no issues at all… then today, installed latest update. Downloaded from the site and it removed my previous version, then installed the brand new .11 version. I upload an image - hit ‘Looks’ - then it crashes. Very disappointed Topaz.

Same here: Topaz opens up with no problems but as soon as I try to edit a photo it crashes and the computer shuts down immediately. All other programmes i.e Photoshop, Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, Even Luminar(!) works without problems.

I notice there’s no response from Topaz, or have I missed it?

Windows 10 Professional 64bit 16mb ram etc.

The current version is v2.0.13, download that and try it. Can’t speak for Mac but it works fine on Windows.

V2.013 on macOS is ok
Stand alone mode, PS and LR plugin too

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thanks for the speedy reply. I have got v2.0.13 and it did indeed work fine on my old computer, albeit a bit slowly due to only having 8 mb ram. The problem started when I downloaded it onto my new computer. However I have noticed that most of the problems reported have been from Mac users so perhaps the problem lies at my end.

Thanks for responding.

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