Studio 2 v2.0.11 another Bug Report

I use Studio 2 from Lightroom CC. All of these errors are new to 2.0.11

  1. Accept and Cancel missing
  2. Unable to use Filter/Plugin, all grayed out (I have two, so only one should be grayed.)
  3. Using “Lightroom Launcher” don’t bring the photo to Studio. It creates the tif-copy, but Studio 2 asks for a image when it opens.

same for me look Request #189666 in support report

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Same as above. Windows 10. I own all plugins but they’re all grayed out. With the overall Studio 2 upgrade, it seems that the hurrier you went the behinder you got. I’ve spent a lot of time looking for missing functionality from Studio 1 and trying to figure out the structural transitions from the old presets to the new Looks.

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I should clarify … the greyed out plugins are when I launch from Lightroom Classic. Now, I’ve launched from Photohop and all plug-ins are active EXCEPT DeNoise opens Sharpen AI. Really! we shouldn’t have to go to all this trouble if proper testing was in place. G-r-r-r.


They’ve added a new “Lightroom Launcher” app to open Studio 2 from LR. You need to add that to your External Editors in LR and use it instead of the old Studio2.exe (or whatever it’s called).

I used the new “Lightroom Launcher” when going from Lightroom Classic to Studio 2. The “Accept” and “Cancel” are now back again. However, instead of automatically importing the photograph from Lightroom into Studio 2 as it has always done, it now requires me to search through the folders to find the photo then open it. Rather annoying and cumbersome. I am using Windows 10 Pro.

Not sure if I missed something but it’s a fgew days since using Topaz Studio 2 with LR. Today I open an image in Topaz from LR and apply some filters. Then I look for the Accept tick and it’s gone… replaced with Export which means after I head back to LR I have to Synch the folder.

Did I miss something along the way?



No Dave, you have not missed anything, Topaz did with the release of 2.0.11…

Hi pmeach, yes I did try that, but ended up with a empty (no image) window.

Well, (Windows 10 & Lightroom Classic) I changed to the LR Launcher (why wasn’t this instruction included in the “update”?) and am still missing Accept/Cancel and all 3 plugins remain greyed out.

Other than having to open the file in Studio 2 the Accept/Cancel buttons are there on my windows 10 system and the changes are sent back to LR when I click accept.

How do I find and install the new LR installer? Thanks

Same for me, Denoise AI opens Sharpen AI from CC2019 and from Topaz 2.

Paul, since you wrote this 2.0.12 was released. While no mention of this appears in the Changelog, lightroom launcher.exe was removed. Of course, I found this out as soon as Lightroom’s Edit in (studio 2) didn’t work and I manually re-configured the setup in LR’s Preferences.

Sadly even in TS2 v12 the transfer is still broken. PS is OK, LR is not - and even when I download a photo from my Google photos gallery and transfer it directly to TS2 using system W10 - all AI plugins are greyed-out.