Studio 2 update failed

Tried again to update Studio 2, this time downloading and running the installer from the “products” page as recommended here. The process stopped after the “uninstall previous version” notice appeared. Error message stated something to the effect of: “Cannot open file C … \update-1.dat” My OS is Windows 7 Pro. I’m a longtime Topaz user, never had any such problem with previous updates. Any help would be much appreciated.

Just try running the installer downloaded again. I assume you are installing it in the designated default.

I ran the installer again as you suggested, with same result – error message after “uninstall previous version” notice. Any other ideas as to solving this problem?

Have you tried right clicking on the installer .exe file and selecting Run as Administrator ?

Yes, didn’t work, same error message.

Please raise a Support Request at the Topaz Labs main website as there is limited Windows 7 support on this forum.

Did that today.

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