Studio 2 uninstall very very slow

Studio 2 got itself in a knot and would not launch (it was working fine, and nothing was changed).

Trying to uninstall it sees the uninstall process several hours (at least 10) to progress to only 19%.

Is this a known issue?

How do I get this thing off my computer so I can reinstall it?

Just download the installer from the Download page on the Topaz Labs website and reinstall, there is no need to uninstall as the installer will do that for you.

That sounds like you have other issues with your PC if the uninstaller runs like that or you had Studio 2 running in the background while you tried to uninstall. For me it only takes a second as it just deletes the folder.

Thanks, but just re-installing didn’t work.

I didn’t write it down, but there was a message to the effect that some part of the current install was at an incompatible version.

The final ‘solution’ was to uninstall in safe mode. The process then took only a few seconds. This shouldn’t be necessary.

That said, its all working as it should now.

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Uninstall will NOT install over older version. It forces you to uninstall and then hangs up. I have the same issue.

Just run the installer again after the previous version was uninstaller.