Studio 2 Still Stripping info (EXIF) IMAC

Tiff files Read Into DeNoise AI from Studio 2 Writen RAW Reread are fading the sky when Topaz Host reads the Raw File on iMac.

RAW is not supported, as has been mentioned in many threads. Use a RAW Editor to produce the TIFF output.

If Raw format is not “supported”, perhaps the dev team should make it reject those file-types until such time as it supported? Otherwise, this leads to user confusion as we can clearly observe. TS2 uses the well-known libRaw libraries afaik and if I’m not mistaken TS1 never stated that Raw file-types were not “supported” depending on your definition of that term.

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It is about TS2 not TS1 and this is what Support have said and not me, if you want Studio 2 to not read RAWs until such time as it is corrected you would need to raise a support request.

Actually @jgr00ms2 I don’t think it currently does.
I can’t find either the libraw.dll file, or the Libraw licence agreement in the Studio 2 installation.

They are present for the old Studio (now commonly referred to as Studio 1), and for SharpenAI, DenoiseAI, Gigapixel, and Adjust AI, but not Studio 2.

Strange that all TL apps (including TS1) continue to use libRaw, but not TS2. Obviously, the Raw data is being processed by something. In any event, if the app doesn’t reject the file-type users will think it is ok to use. And I don’t blame them.

If I open Tif Exported From Affinity And Export It In Studio 2 Than Open it In Denoise and Save
As Raw. When I Reopen In Denoise shows it altered My night Sky color it in correct after.

You titled this thread as “Studio 2 Still Stripping info (EXIF) IMAC”

Progressing a file through multiple applications just muddies the water, and a change in color along the way does not necessarily mean the Exif values have been stripped.

Specifically what Exif values do you think are being stripped by Studio 2?
Can you perhaps post a screen shot of the Exif values from the file before it was opened in Studio 2, and a comparison screen shot of the Exif details of the file exported from Studio 2. I would suggest you use ExifTool as the reference in both cases.

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I Found That export Twice once from Affinity once from Studio 2. First to make Tiff File Second To Make Tif From Studio 2.First file is Raw from Camera.In Forum it says it says Studio 2 Does not support Raw.So I chose tif ,The Suggested work around.
When the the tif is opened in a AI app other than Mask and saved as DNG than reopened in topaz found Sky desaturated incorrect from than original. Blue became White.

A DNG is a RAW file, just use TIF/TIFF for the whole process as saving a TIF into a DNG only produces a TIF with a profile in the DNG and these have proved problematic all along.

Sorry @JesusSheep, but as I said before, that is not necessarily any indication that Studio 2 is stripping Exif data in fact I would be surprised if that were the case in this instance.

As @AiDon has pointed out producing a DNG from a TIFF does not give you a real RAW file in the sense of the RAW files that come directly from cameras and is the most likely area to have caused your color shift (given that Studio 2 also doesn’t handle color in RAW files well at the moment).

But that aside, you seem to have produced more intermediate files along the way than is necessary, or efficient.

If you started out developing a RAW file in Affinity Photo, and if you then wanted to use DenoiseAI on it, you could have used DenoiseAI as a plugin directly from Affinity Photo. That would also apply to SharpenAI, and/or AdjustAI which could be used as direct plugins from Affinity, and finally you could also have used Studio 2 as a direct plug in from Affinity, all without generating any intermediate TIFF or other format files. In the end there would only be the final file you exported from Affinity Photo.

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Sorry as I said you need to export raw camera file as tif Because Topaz Studio 2 supports it and Not raw as Don has said. I can open the tif In Affinity And select Keep Meta Data Or PhotoShop And Save Then Have Denoise Remove noise Than Save As DNG and file is correct .When you use Studio 2 Denoise has a problem when Creating the DNG even as you say use it as the first Photo Program. So is not about the number programs used it is about Topaz Studio 2 when you export as TIF. My Test is Standalone not plug-in .In plugin it uses the Color Space In Host. I am testing how the Program how will behave with out the Host. PhotoShop and Affinity can not Export DNG.

Same Photo Using Light Room Classic Than Export As DNG And Denoise Save Back as Raw Correct Photo.

When you Save you And Export as TIF Choose Keep meta data or use Photoshop Cc Tifs are correct.Except In Topaz Studio 2.

DNG is Used for making Camera Profiles using X-Rite Program Stand-alone .

Export Was used in Affinity Photo as Tif because original was Camera raw.As Stated Studio 2 Does handle Camera raw properly in forum.So workaround was Export File As TIF So Studio would read it correct.

Sorry Since File is Camera Raw File Affinity Was Used To Create TIF File with Save Meta Data.The Test File.Once Correct Tif File Was Made It was Opened in Topaz Studio 2 And Exported As Tif No Adjustments Made So Same File Test for Same File out. Once that done Opened in DeNoise AI Made No Adjustments Just Save File as DNG. Once that done reopen DNG in Denoise Not Studio 2.

Doing Multiple Exports in Affinity Did not change the Photo.
Only Exporting Tif From in Studio 2 Caused the Problem when saving as DNG.

Neither PhotoShop or Affinity Photo Can write DNG Photos.
TIF 16 Bit Use because Closest Color DEPTH to Camera Raw.
And Tif Is Closed Format to Raw Can Handle.Once Exported the Problem was there.

DNG is used in Xrite Passport Program to Make Camera Profiles for Light Room.
Same Raw Photo Exported From LightRoom or Adobe DNG Converter or Camera Raw In PhotoShop (Save Image) Photo Was Correct.I have Screen Shots too.

My Test is See behavior or programs as standalone.When run as Program plugin uses same Color Space as Host.So I test Program out side of Host.Program Normal Always Better in Host Like PhotoShop So I Run the Program as Standalone.And See if out Side of Host Program will Product Correct Photo.

The Color Shift From TIF was Desaturation in the sky from Photo Exported From Studio 2.

Which you said “If I open Tif Exported From Affinity And Export It In Studio 2 Than Open it In Denoise and Save As Raw. When I Reopen In Denoise shows it altered My night Sky color it in correct after.”

All I can say is this thread is very confusing and I would advise you to raise a support request at the main website.

Sorry @JesusSheep,
Your work flow is just way too confusing for me, but every one to their own methods.

In trying to follow what you have done however,

  1. I’ve opened a RAW file (Sony .ARW) in Affinity Photo - Opened as RGBA/32 (HDR) - RAW
  2. Developed in Develop Persona without making any changes. Showed then in Photo Persona as RGBA/16 - sRGB IEC61966-2.1
  3. Exported from Photo Persona without making any changes as TIFF RGB 16 bit with Embed ICC profle enabled and Embed metadata enabled. Compression LZW.
  4. Checked that TIFF file with ExifTool - Exif metadata present and as expected.
  5. Opened that TIFF file in Studio 2 (free standing) - Appearance and coloring as expected
  6. Exported without making any changes as TIFF, 16 Bit, LZW compression. Color profile sRGB
  7. Checked that file with ExifTool - Exif metadata present and as expected.
  8. Checked that file in Affinity Photo - coloring as it should be.
  9. Opened the file in DenoiseAI (free standing)
  10. Updated preview using Auto setting in DenoiseAI mode
    11 (a) Saved as TIFF 16 bit LZW compressed sRGB Color profile.
    11 (b) Saved as DNG (no options available)
  11. Checked TIFF file with ExifTool - Exif metadata present and as expected
  12. Checked that file in Affinity Photo - coloring as it should be.
  13. Checked DNG File in ExifTool - Exif metadata is present, however as I don’t use DNG I can’t comment on whether it is as expected or otherwise

For what it is worth,
In the TIFF files, IFD0 subfile type shows as Full Resolution Image, and SubIFD Subfille type shows as Reduced Resolution Image.

In the DNG file that is reversed, the IFD0 Subfile type is Reduced Resolution Image and the SubIFD Subfile type shows as Full resolution Image.

What effect will that have - I don’t know.

In the TIFF files in both IFD0 and SubIFD the PhotometricInterpretation is shown as RGB.
In the DNG file, it is shown in IFD0 as RGB , but in SubIFD as Linear Raw.

I don’t have any software I can rely on the correctly display DNG images. The DNG opens in Studio 1 with a really pronounced pinkish color cast. It’s actually a bit better when opened in Studio 2 (which we know is not intended to handle RAW at this stage), but the colors are still not anywhere close to correct.

Importantly, my test confirm to me that Studio 2 is NOT stripping Exif metadata from its Export of TIFF files.

I use Affinity Photo to Export Camera File As Tiff So Studio 2 Can Read It Properly.
Tiff 16 bit.

I cam not load PNG in this forum now time out now.

That’s to be expected - Studio 2 currently doesn’t handle raw files (as has been mentioned several times already!) and that includes DNG files. I don’t understand what any of this has to do with stripping EXIF data which is what you put in the title.

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I have Mis spoke!
Open File In Photo Shop CC Or Affinity than Save As TIF.
TIF is Not Raw. But Studio 2 will read tiff correctly.
When File Is written It is altered (Studio 2).
File is open In Denoise AI And saved As DNG.
Reopen file In Denoise.Denoise handles Raw though.
Denoise shows faded sky in in photo.

None of the AI apps or Studio handle RAW, save as TIF from DeNoise AI.

This has been pointed out in many threads on this forum.

That is what I did and Said .I opened the file in Denoise as Tif and Saved in Denoise as DNG than reaped in Denoise AI .Affinity was used export Photo from Raw and keep Mata Data.
After affinity Used Stufio 2 and saved as Tif also.Finaly Denoise AI.