Studio 2 standalone vs plugin

When I open a file directly in the standalone version the AI plugins are available., When I open the same file my calling Studio2 form within ExposureX5 these plugins are greyed out! WHY?? I need them just as much

Please raise a support request at the main website as I believe that may be by design.

It was discussed several times that this most probably a bug. Opening TS2 from PS there is no problem, however from some other editors (Aka LR or system transfer from e.g. Google photos to TS2 ) causes AI plugins to grey out.

Raise a support request as calling a plugin and external Editor are totally different methods.

Right, but we are discussing the plugin activated from ext. App. AFAIK if you edit you photo from e. G. LR in ts2 you have no luck with AI plugins. When you edit the file in ts2 from Photoshop, then everything is ok. Wasnt this discussed already? So far we are waiting for solution. Or am I missing something?


For the record, when Studio 2 is called as an external editor from ACDsee Studio 2019 which I use for digital asset management, the three AI plugins are greyed out.

When Studio 1 is called as an external editor from ACDSee Studio 2019, those three AI plugins, as well as the older plugins are available within Studio 1.

Studio 2 is unfortunately not a complete replacement for Studio 1.

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You are quite right but Studio 2 has not yet implemented Apply & Duplicate to create copies as is done in Studio 1. When you call an external plugin a new copy is created in Studio 1.

It is in the roadmap … not a bug.


Thanks AiDon.

I didn’t use the term bug, because I’m not in a position to know whether the fact that the three plugins are greyed out when Studio 2 is called as an external editor is by design or not. Whichever, it is at present a shortcoming when compared with the ability of Studio 1 in handling plugins. I was advised some time ago that Studio 2 would eventually be able to handle all of the plugins that Studio 1 could.

I’ve not seen the roadmap for some time, maybe you could point the way to the current one. There was a flurry of additions made shortly after Studio 2 was first released, but that seems to have died right down.

There is one here on the website and also another on the Facebook page:

I believe the next version has some bug fixes and minor updates.


Thanks :grinning:

Think Plugin Better Problem with TIF Files.