Studio 2 - saving a Look does not retain [global] opacity setting?

When saving a custom Look the opacity setting, if less than 100%, is not saved (v2.0.4)

Is this a bug or a feature?

I would prefer that it saved the global opacity setting (when saved) unless I’m missing something where that’s not practical/possible.


Not sure I follow.

If I open an image and for example

  1. add a Basic Filter and set its sliders to taste

  2. add a Dehaze Filter and set its sliders to taste

  3. add a Precision Contrast Filter and set its sliders to taste

  4. Fine tune the above by setting the opacity of the individual Filters to
    a) Basic - 0.75
    b) Dehaze - 0.87
    c) Precision Contrast - 0.48

  5. I click on Save Look - a dialogue opens allowing me to give it a name and a description but not allowing me to specify an overall opacity for the custom Look.

  6. I click on OK - At that stage the custom look has been saved, but doesn’t show in the right hand side pane.

  7. For the sake of the exercise I close the image, and then open another one. There are now no filters in the right hand pane.

  8. I now click on Add Look->My Looks, click on the saved Look. I now get a preview of what the new image is going to look like with that look applied, and I have the option of setting the amount. Say I set it to 50% then click on Apply.

Now in the right hand pane I have the parent Look, with its opacity showing 0.50, and its child Filters Basic with its opacity at 0.75, Dehaze with its opacity at 0.87, and Precision Contract its opacity at 0.48.

So the save look has retained all the individual filter opacities.
There was no overall opacity setting to save with the Look.

Sorry if I’m not understanding the issue.

The discussion point is your item-5. Allow me to clarify.

If you take an existing Look (with multiple pre-defined filters), reduce the global opacity to 50 from 100 and save the Look…

Would the opacities of all the individual filters be automatically reduced accordingly? ie by 50%? (or whatever they need to be to achieve 50% overall opacity)

It appears the answer to that is no (and maybe they shouldn’t be). So, if you want to apply that saved Look later and achieve what you had when you saved it, you must, according to my testing, manually reduce the opacity again to 50% (if you check the individual filter opacities of the Look you saved you will note that they have not changed from the original target). Maybe that is what makes the most sense; I don’t know at this point. Of course, you need to remember what opacity level you used or eyeball the result each time.

A work-around for this is to adjust the opacity of each filter that makes up the Look and then save that (as in your example). Not as convenient, but still doable. In order to not have to do that I guess both the individual filter opacities AND the global Look opacity would need to be saved and it appears that it is the former and not the latter.

Make sense?


Yes, you are correct, when re-saving an existing Look, the global opacity setting is not saved.

This perhaps becomes more of an issue when multiple pre-saved Looks are applied (stacked) to an image, and then balanced by using their individual global opacity sliders.
When a new Look is then saved of the result, that opacity balance is lost.