Studio 2 RAW interpretation way too dark

Why is Studio 2 opening my raw files several steps darker than the originals and how can that be fixed so I’m not falsely brightening them?

Also, noticing that the image is “precropped” so that I can’t choose how to edit and crop.

Did you also post this under the Discussions section for Topaz Products > Technical Support? vs. the “General” discussion…

It looks like you’re zoomed in to 35 % on that screenshot - click on the “Fit” icon and you’ll see all your image.

The raw issue is known about and there is a lengthy discussion about it around here somewhere - if I can find it I’ll post a link.

In your post just yesterday in

It was also noted that there is no support for RAW conversions.

You can always try a Curve to reveal the shadows and that would help

Currently there is no support for RAW images in Studio 2, it is recommended that you use a RAW converter; either free, paid for or from the camera manufacturer to produce a 16bit TIF with ProPhoto or WideGamutRGB and use that.

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…Studio 2 does not technically support raw files and we do not consider it to be a raw editor , though we do expect a more seamless raw editing capability in the future…”*