Studio 2 not showing "accept" or "duplicate" among others

Long time Topaz user. I just started trying to work with Studio 2 (V. 2.0.12) and watched part of the 1st video with John Barclay.
I started working with a Canon RAW file just to experiment.
I find that my Studio 2 display is quite different than the one in the video.
The 1st thing: I do not have the “accept” or “duplicate” buttons anywhere.
Preferences give me no help. View gives me no help.
A number of the options seem to be missing.
I’ve included a screenshot.
What’s going on?

When you run Studio 2 in standalone mode, you get the Open and Export buttons for opening and saving. If you call Studio 2 from PhotoShop or some other program, you get the Accept and Cancel buttons to accept the changes and return or to cancel and return.

I don’t know about the duplicate button. I’ve not seen that in Studio 2 in either standalone mode or when I call it from LR.

The video was probably for Studio version 1. It had duplicate and Apply buttons.

The video indicates that the accept (or apply) option is for applying filters etc. so they don’t continue to rerun and use up computer resources.
It sounds like I’m wasting my time trying to use the tutorials to learn Studio as the information doesn’t apply.
This is very frustrating. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

That’s what it seems like to me too.

Here’s a link to Studio 2 tutorials. See if these get you on the right track. @Helium2

I don’t think Studio 2 has an Apply option for this purpose. So it does seem like you’re looking at Studio 1 video to learn Studio 2. There’s quite a bit of difference between the two.

Thanks for the pointers to current videos.
I was spending so much of the 1st 5 minutes trying to figure out where the narrator’s cursor was that, if he said the tutorial was for Studio 1, I missed it.