Studio 2 - Not Perfect, but still Fantastic!

I just got Studio 2 and, while looking for the non-existent documentation for it, I’ve seen a lot of griping about this and that, but I don’t think people are focusing on the right aspects of this, because Studio 2 is Fantastic! No, it’s not perfect. What is? But, I’ve already used it to turn two of my shots into what I was visualizing when I took them, and I wasn’t able to do that with LR, PS, DxO, or even photoFXlab!

I’ve been a Topaz user since before Fusion Express was the “hot new tool”, and Studio is light years beyond where you started from. In the early days, it seemed like I had to uninstall and reinstall the filters every time the wind changed direction, to the point where I almost gave up on Topaz. Fusion Express was never very impressive, and photoFXlab is pretty primitive, but I’ve been using it up until yesterday, when I tried Studio 2.

Studio 1/Classic never offered me enough incentive to make me adopt it. But Studio 2 is World Class! It’s almost good enough to completely replace LR for editing, and that is remarkable. So, I wanted to offer some kudos on a fantastic job. As a programmer, I know what it’s like to hear nothing but complaints. People expect miracles, these days, so they show no appreciation when you deliver them.

No, it’s not perfect and, yes, there are features it should have that it doesn’t, yet. But, overall? It’s amazing! Good job, and thank you so much! It’s the nicest present I’m going to receive this year, and it’s already my new standard.

Thanks, guys!


Great to hear it! Thanks for your support, Dave! :slight_smile: