Studio 2 Non-Destructive Editing

I installed my comp Studio 2 (thanks!) and did a quick run-through focusing on non-destructive editing and use with Lightroom CC Classic (Lr) and Photoshop CC (Ps). From Lr, if I “edit-in” Studio 2, make edits in Studio 2, then return to Lr, the resulting edits are “baked in” and cannot be returned to Studio 2 for re-editing. That was expected as most other photo-editing plug-ins function that way. However, prior to returning to Lr, I noticed there was no way to save the Studio 2 edits as a native Project File to preserve the edits. In Studio 1, I was able to save as a Project File prior to returning to Lr. If later I wanted to re-edit the photo, I would open the Project File directly in Studio 1, make edits, save the edited Project File, export the Project File as a tiff, then import the new file into Lr. Cumbersome but at least I could work non-destructively. I also tried another method that works with some other software. I sent the Lr photo to Ps as a Smart Object. From Ps I selected Studio 2 as a Filter. In Studio 2 I made edits and returned to Ps. While Studio 2 edits appeared under the original Smart Object, when I returned to Studio 2 by double clicking the Studio 2 object, the edits were not preserved. In fact, only the original Smart Object is sent to Studio 2 without any previous edits. Again, this was expected as Studio 1 also did not support Smart Object re-edits. And just like going to Studio 2 direct from Lr, there was no way to save a Project File after going to Studio 2 from Ps as a Smart Object and therefore no way to preserve the edits for later re-editing. The only way I found to work non-destructively was to open a file directly in Studio 2, make edits, save as a Project File (I noticed a new file type name different than a Studio 1 Project File (.tsp)), export the file as a tiff, and then import into Lr. Too cumbersome to be worthwhile.

Hopefully Topaz will add the ability to save files passed from Lr and/or Ps to Studio 2 as a native Project File and also add Ps Smart Object support for non-destructive editing.


Maybe as an interim workaround, use Studio 2 as a plug in to your host editor, make your adjustments in Studio 2 and save as a custom “Look”, before returning the processed image back to the host editor.

You can at a later stage then reopen Studio 2, either as a plug in, or free standing, give it the original image, and apply the custom “Look”. All your previous adjustments are there to be fine tuned, or added to.

That works for me using Affinity Photo as the host editor.

Just a thought.


Thanks @Greyfox. I worked through that option in my cranium without actually trying it so that sounds viable. I’ve done that at times with other plug-in editors. Probably not a bad idea to create a custom look anyway. I just love the Lr-Ps-Smart Object workflow. I use the Smart Object workflow with Luminar Flex and On1 Photo Raw plug-in workflow. I recently (re)purchased Nik 2 and think it supports Smart Objects but with so many programs and options I’m getting confused!

Masks are not being saved in the custom look.


That is correct and in my view how it should be. The masks themselves would not suit any other image other than the one they were created on.

Unfortunately that means if masking had been used, then it would have to be redone in the work around I suggested earlier.

Thanks for pointing that out, I had overlooked that point.