Studio 2: No Clarity, Glow, B&W etc.?


when using Studio 2 it feels like a big step back. I’m a user since before Studio 1 and I am missing so many nice presets in Studio 2. I have to say that I rarely use Studio 2 because I don’t see any improvements to the first version. Most filters in Studio 2 are uninteresting/ugly, there are so few B&W filters for example. I’m really dissatisfied about this version.


Use TS1 and make ‘copies’ of your fave presets. Open TS2 on the same desktop and they should be there?!

The filters are exactly the same except the addition of the Flare filter.

For looks there are other categories that you can use by selecting the “sort by” option using All for the category, e.g. Glow